rooster gallo towels

rooster in english and gallo in spanish. my first project made with the yudu machine. i had read that roosters bring luck in the kitchen. it's supposed to be a symbol of luck, health, and prosperity. I can't wait to start on some other yudu projects.


ana @ said...

hey, we all have these moments in the kitchen. i'm just writing a post about a recent mishap in the kitchen, it'll be up in a few days on the blog.

just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on the straw trivets mat. such a fun project :-)

enjoy your new blog here...


jesslope said...

thanks ana,for stopping by my blog. as you can tell there is much work to be done. however, i'm giving it a go and seeing what happens.
i love your straw trivet mat. i can't wait to try it myself. i'll have to keep you posted.

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