wedding dress shopping

what an experience. for a few weeks i shopped solely online for my wedding dress, as i'm an online shopping devotee. i feel more comfortable when strangers aren't lurking and watching my every move. however, i sometimes give in and shop in stores depending on what i need to buy.

either way, after spending hours shopping online, i decided that i had found the prefect dress. so i called up my mother and shared the news with her. we decided that my great aunt would make it and i was a thrilled soon-to-be bride. however, due to special circumstances that wasn't able to happen.

so back to square one, my mom and i went for a drive, all the way to david's bridal. apparently, they were having a huge sale and due to this, there weren't enough sales women to handle the massive amount of estrogen in the premises with customer service.

after waiting in line, i made an appointment for the following day because they were booked for the rest of the day. the next day, on time, i was taken to a room were the mirrors where placed outside the dressing room. so i was forced to walk outside to the mirrors and everyone and their mother stood voicing there opinions either by stares or vocally.

there, my mom stood as well, looking and laughing at me. i am the tiniest bride known to our bridal dress industry. the dress i chose was pinned back about 6 times, however, i looked and felt pretty good and just knew this was the dress i wanted. made the purchase. now i should have it ready for alterations within the next two weeks or less.

i'm also happy that i was able to share my dress shopping experience with my mom. thank God for that.


Design A-Peele said...

wedding dress shopping has been made into this thing where everyone feels the freedom to tell you their opinion. I'm with you, it should be private and intimate. Glad your mom got to share it with you though! Really special!

Jennifer Medina said...

very pretty...! I want to see the shoes...

jesslope said...

@ desing-a peele: thanks, glad i'm not alone in my opinion and thanks for stopping by.

@jennifer: thanks, just posted the pic.

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