yudu sunday

rooster gallo- redo in red and black ink and a place setting for dinner, kitchen towels. i've found myself numerous of times as a house guest volunteering to set the table for dinner. not always sure of where each fork, spoon etc., is placed. this way from here on there is no question. a little clever way to remember. all while keeping it stylish in our kitchen.

after the kitchen towels were done and i was happy with the results, i went ahead and screen printed our clothe napkins. i loved the color but wasn't fond with the lack of design. so i spiced it up a bit with the imprint of the a place setting for dinner, kitchen towels.

see for yourself.

the closeup is what an imperfectly imprinted kitchen towel looks like. i happen to think they are still usable and pretty. i'm also still learning more about the yudu as i work on my little projects. so far there's been a few errors but i'm enjoying it.


bloga-boo said...

they turned out great!

jesslope said...

thanks!i had to buy a new screen since some how i managed to ruin the other two i had. now i have to think of a way to package them for when i sell them.

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