tipping is not only for cows


I made these tags for our wedding. They were used to tell the guest the seating assignments. We also placed them around the reception area for miscellaneous information, and to make sure that people tiped our fabulous waitresses. I bought pre-cut mini broads at my local Michael's art supply store. Then I added masking tape around the edges and painted them with special blackboard spray paint. After the paint dried I removed the tape for the white border look. My Dad was kind enough to dust off the power tools and drill holes on each mini board. Later I added the yarn throw to be able to hang them. My maid of honor's handwriting.


Janee Lookerse said...

Wait.... chalkboard SPRAY PAINT!?!?!?!? I've got the regular liquid paint but I had NO IDEA it came in spray can form!! You've just rocked my world. Where do I buy it?????


jesslope said...

Yup. Pretty cool. At any Micheal's craft store. Enjoy. Let me know what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Very clever and they are so cute. Best Wishes on your marriage.

jesslope said...

thank you so much. so far so good. :)

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