decorating with shells

Last weekend I made a trip to Micheal's and picked up this jar. I wanted to display the cute shells Mike finds on the beach. I added sand that my mason jars still had from our wedding. Now the shells and sand have a home in the guest bathroom. Mike doesn't think it's manly, but he is the one that brings shells home.

I recently found out that with smart phones you're able to pull up coupons and stores are able to scan it right from your phone so there is no need to print coupons. Used that knowledge to get a great discount on the jar. Good for the environment and good for me.


Betsy said...

beautiful! I think it looks great!

and I enjoyed the wedding photos below!

Paula said...

Your jars look great!

I'm going to remember your coupon tip. Wonder if there is some sort of coupon app that would organize them in one place?

jesslope said...

@ Betsy - thanks for stopping by.

@ Paula - not sure that there is, but I search for the coupons on my phone and then I take a picture of it. So it's save.... Hope that makes sense.

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