meet captain

Yeah, like Captain Morgan. Because he is so clumsy, I am only bound to believe he may have a little captain in him. He is gentle like most great danes. And because he's a puppy, for lack of better words, he is just a BIG baby. My co-worker was leaving town with his family for the weekend and needed a pet sitter. Yup, I'm the sitter.

We always speak of getting a big dog. It would only be fair because Mike is so tall and he grew up with big dogs. He should have a dog that doesn't look so small next to him. Don't forget Wellington doesn't know how small he really is. And Mike's taste in women isn't the same as dogs. What? Who said that?

Anywho, this is an experience for both Mike and I. Our house isn't baby-proof. Captain does't know how big he is and he has been bumping into everything. Also, he can reach everything he shouldn't mess with if he really wants to.

The car ride from work was great, he does seem to enjoy car rides. And he isn't fully grown yet, so he managed to fit into my two seater. Getting him into my apartment was a mission. I thought my nails were going to break from the force of his leash in my hand keeping him from running into the hallway.  Then I remembered he knows how to sit on command. Used it and he must have thought I was just showing him my rings because that didn't work. Once I got a chance, I was able to open the door to my apartment. Luckily, I have marrow bones that Wellington doesn't care for and which entertained Captain. I have a basket full of toys/bones for Wellington and that spoiled dog doesn't even look at it. Captain looked like a kid at Christmas.

All in all, the lesson learned is that we can't have a bigger dog until we have a big yard.

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