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Here are my thoughts:

Wow, what a thrill and success my first fair was. All the hard work and preparation of the last two months paid off. ahhh (I see more in my future).

Setting up the tent and pegboards would not have gotten done so smoothly without Mike's help. Two hours of setting up was plenty of time to have everything ready. I must say I'm glad I took the extra steps days before to make sure I made zip bags labeled with the necessary hooks, binder clips and price tags for each display on the pegboards as well as for the table. It also made it easy for breaking down time too. We opened and closed our new tent the day before to make sure we knew what we were doing beforehand.

This was my first craft fair and I came out well over even. Craft fairs are one of those things that take time to perfect, but I'm happy with the first effort. I think that I was very thorough. I might change the position of the pegboards and put the table on the left side of the tent for the next fair.

As far as the people my tent attracted, I approve. They looked a little shocked when I mentioned it was my first fair. Anyway, people who bought my canvas paintings enjoyed talking about the underlying meaning of each painting. There was even someone who related to my roster gallo towels. I think it took her back to a nice time in her life. So the one-on-one connections were a bonus. (I honestly wasn't looking forward to it at first).

Overall, this was a great experience. Thanks to my family and friends for the support and most of all to my husband who sticks by my crazy crafty ideas.


All That Jaz said...


jesslope said...

thanks. it really was. i highly recommend it. :)

All That Jaz said...

did you have to use your own tent/ canopy?

jesslope said...

yes. it's a tent. my understanding is that for most shows you have to bring your own. mine isn't the standard white, which can be required by the bigger shows.

when are you doing one?

All That Jaz said...

Hopefully in the new year.

Your setup looks awesome. I bet it was a lot of fun.

I will email you with some more questions and comments.

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