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Last Saturday we went to a local food and wine festival. Thank God it was close to home, so we could waddle back to the apartment. It took me all of Sunday to recover from the amount of food I ate.

We got a deal on the tickets from Groupon and had a great time. I'm not sure the festival was worth the full asking price though, as it was incredibly crowded. We witnessed a handful of near physical fights between obnoxious line-cutters and some hungry, uptight people that seemed to be afraid the festival would run out of food. 

There were what seemed to be at least a few hundred local restaurants and caterers offering samples. Some of the restaurants we've been to; a few we had no idea about. Now we have a list of some places that we'll be making a point to visit. We also have a new list, a "No-Go" list. Unfortunately for some of the participants, their first impression was not a good one. And one new Italian restaurant in particular will forever be referred to in our house as the "nasty, cold, burnt ziti place". How could you set up next to some of the premier local Italian restaurants and serve something that wouldn't pass muster in a grade school cafeteria? The food from this place was so awful that we made sure to take a card from the restaurant so that we won't forget the name and accidentally stop into the place one night.

On the good side of the list, there were many candidates for our entirely subject, "best-in-show" award. I think the unanimous choice was probably the wild mushroom ceviche from the caterer, Drunken Doughnuts. Absolutely delicious! 

(wish i had taken more pictures)

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