random tuesday

Working on #promo

I finished the design of a coupon email, I'll be sending people who sign up to my mailing list. The next step adding it to mailchip for a mass email. This is my first time using something like this.

Sunday morning started with a french bakery stop near our apartment. Yummy and relaxing.

done with this set of #prints

I'm all done with production for the year. This was the last of it. Posters of the same design as one on the towel series. I even have next year's designs in mind. I'm in motion to do two more fairs by the end of this year (dada bazaar and sunny side up). These will give me an idea of what kind of people my stuff attracts. What products I will continue with and which ones I'll drop. My goal is to have everything up on my etsy shop before Thanksgiving. 

Si. Mike also gets pedicures along with me. Something we picked up from our sisters, their husbands go along with them. :)

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