Thanks Micheal for the image.

Thanks to this
site I was able to order my own DIY cupcake tower for our wedding. It was one of the first things I ordered, and one of the last things to get done. Which worked out well for me.

Once I had a clear vision of the main theme I could work on the cupcake tower. Our wedding had a brown and orange yarn theme. I used my limited crochet skills to make the border of the cupcake tower and a glue gun to make the yarn stick. I spray-painted the cardboard with cooper paint. On the sides of the tower I added fake orange flowers glued with fake diamond pins to hold down the flower pedals.

I knew I wanted cupcakes instead of a cake for our wedding. However, I wanted to be able to "cut the cake" so the cupcake tower was perfect because I was able to have both. Have my cake and eat too. ha ha.

Mike found the cupcake lady at the green market and came home with tasty cupcakes and my taste buds agreed, we were a match. We ordered red velvet, strawberry key lime and our favorite, carrot cake. She came and placed them on the tower for us while we were at the ceremony, so I didn't have a chance to see it before everyone else. But it was perfect. Her cupcakes are big and at one point I wasn't sure if they would fit. As you can see they did work out.

We also had mason jars filled with sand and a candle in each of them around the outside of the reception house. So the extra mason jars on the table with the cupcake tower tied in together nicely. I'm not sure who placed them there, but whoever did, thanks!


BCABPP said...

Glad you like the photo :-)
The cupcakes were yummy - wish I ate more or took some home lol ;-)

Congrats again!!!

jesslope said...

Thanks. At least you got to take the champagne home. haha.

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