wedding shoes

i'm in love with my new 4" high-stiletto heels. i've known for a while that my wedding shoes had to be orange. yes- orange- it is one of our wedding colors. they are from christian louboutin. the 4" heels sold me. also, with mike being 6"5 and me being, ... well my driver license says 5"1, i could use the extra inches. plus, i'm digging the red sole thing. even if the red sole comes off and they losing the trademark. i still happen to think they are very sultry.

mike mentioned that since they are my wedding shoes they should only be worn that day. where does he come up with that?! i have no idea- its the 21st century.

by the way, i'm starting to think that the only traditional thing about our wedding is going to be the fact that we are both from opposite sexes.

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bloga-boo said...

these shoes are amazing! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures.You are going to look beautiful =) By the way here is my new address:

840 NW 96th Terrace Apt. 110
Tamarac FL 33321.

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