travel bug

i was away on a small island called puerto rico. and the days before that i was busy making sure all my responsibilities would be taken care of when i was away. left on a friday and came back ready to do the 9 to 5 on monday morning.

i was able to experience the fact that i went there to face my fears with out knowing it. from traveling with new faces to the caving we were able to do. an adventure that is simply unforgettable. the best part for me was taking it all in and going with the flow.

if you ever find yourself out in puerto rico make sure you don't miss aventuras tierra adentro.
the caving included: rappelling, zip lane, mid siles, and body rafting. its also included in National Geographic's 500 of the world's greatest trips book.

ha. i told mike we should go on the next 499 trips the books recommends. he mentioned it would take 10 years and i said it was fine with me. somehow we got on the conversation of kids. and about when we think we should start trying. then he expressed to me that he was a little worried because when i got home, i left my suit case outside our apartment doors for about 3 hours until he came home and noticed. and that living in florida with a forgettable mind i could forget to leave one or two kids in a very hot car. i couldn't help but laugh, as we both looked at wellington. we thought, "hey we haven't killed him so far".

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Anonymous said...

You do very well with little w. Love the pics. I'll call you tomorrow. Want to hear all about the trip I missed. I was a the grocery store when you called earlier.

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