unlock time

went to a "playshop" as the artist, Evelyn Ballin calls it. she is known as the heart painter. she has studio events of all sorts and a few days ago i signed up for a clock making/decorating workshop.

steps to making this unique clock: drill the hole (for the clockwork):: paint on the canvas panels :: hot glue the keys and letters :: afterwards Evelyn added the finish gloss. a few days later I picked up my very own unique and personalized clock.

i know this is something i could have done at home. however, it was nice to take in the experience at the playshop and to get out of my comfort zone. It was also cool to work with only the materials given to me, rather than planning in advance. looking forward to more playshops.

i was so happy about the result that i ended wrapping it and giving it to mike as a christmas gift. we have given the clock a home above our television.

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