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Your love shines so bright. I need Shades. -Wellington


After reading tons of wedding blogs, I decided that having a photo booth was a must. It just seemed fun, and who doesn't like to have pictures of themselves?

Except having a photo booth was easier said than done.

I found this site and thought I had struck gold. Little did I know my computer's operating system needed to be updated to accommodate the program. So I placed an order for mac os x snow. That photo booth runs on automater. What? What is that?? I had no clue. My friend was kind enough to spend countless hours trying to make it work for me.

Then I found this site. I gave in and purchased spark booth made by adobe. Very user-friendly. I was able to make easy settings and to make all the photos print in black and white. Not only was it cost friendly but I think it also gave it the feel of a real photo booth in a DIY kinda way. The program printed the pictures on a 4 x 6 glossy paper.

The background for the photo booth was orange paper garland, which I found on etsy a little less then a week before the wedding. Thanks so much to the seller who didn't charge me a rush fee.

And no photo booth is complete with out photo props. I came across this site and got an idea of props for the ones we used. The huge sunglasses & the funny glasses in the photos above we got at Party City. To give the photo booth more light I got a 150-watt incandescent portable work light.

The photo booth is one of my favorite things we did that day. Our guest book will be filled with the images captured that evening. Every one wrote their thoughts and best wished on the printed photos.

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Janee Lookerse said...

Hey Jess I hope its ok with you but I'm going to post the photos of the dog in your photo booth on my etsy listing for the garlands. Thanks!


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