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It all really started with the shoes. Not just any shoes. I'm talking about the most important accessory that any woman and maybe a metro-sexual man could relate too... My freaking wedding shoes.

I started my wedding list with "Shoes" . I knew it was important, because of my ridiculously small, cute feet. Finding proper fitting shoes in the style I wanted was probably harder than finding the Groom (sorry Mike). In case you care to know how happy a lady can be when she finds the right pair, read this.

I found a great pair online, but most websites did not have my size. However, one website did list a size 5, so I excitedly ordered the shoes. When they arrived (from China), however, they turned out to be a size 6.

I should have known this one magical website which listed the shoes in my size was too good to be true. I should have questioned when the seller started asking me why I wanted to ship the shoes to an address different than my billing address (How many times do online shoppers ship to a work address instead of their home??? almost every time, right?). Another warning flag should have been the sellers curious complaints about how expensive the shipping would be. I mean, come on, your the seller, if you don't want to pay the shipping costs, you require on your site that the purchaser pays for shipping.

However, i did account for the fact I was buying from a small seller in China who maybe wasn't experienced with our consumer customs.

Here is a sample of the many emails regarding these shoes:

Dear Jessica,
Nice day, thanks for you ordering in our online store, About your order, we will devilery to you as soon as possible, but i have a question , why you shipping address and billing address is not the same, can you give me a explain, hope you can respons quickly. thanks.
yours, leo


I entered my billing address and then to the address i need them shipped to.
When can I expect my order?


Dear jessica,
Thanks for you respons. we will delivery i t to you in 24 hours. and any problems, please connect us freely.

Great- I look forward to a tracking number.

hi jessica, you order shoes have been delivey, and the tracking number i will give you later, please wait some time. thanks for you understand.

It has been 11 days since I placed my order. I haven't seen my tracking number. Where are the shoes I order?
You charged my credit card. Please advise.

Dear friend:
you may receive the shoes, you tracking number is EE423540265CN, you can check it in
http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp, they show you have receive the package.
best wishes for you.

I can't track the shoes with this number. Please resent.
I haven't received any thing at this point.
Please advise.

OK, i will check it, please wait sometimes.
What address did you ship them to? I need more information.

I receive the shoes. You sent me the WRONG size.
I need to return them to you!

I want my money back and I want to return the shoes to you. I didn't order a 6. I ordered a 5.
Please tell me what to do?

And it went on and on for several emails later.

Unfortunately, not only is that pair a very large size 6, but it still sits with shipping box under my office desk supporting my feet as a foot rest. I even offered to pay the shipping costs to return the shoes, just to try to get some money back- but I think the guy spent most of the purchase price on shipping them here.

The guy's main idea to rectify the situation was for me to give them to a friend. Really?? If I wanted to buy shoe for a friend, I would have done that. He couldn't wrap his head around the idea that I only purchased the shoes because I thought they were my size, and that I was totally un-interested in paying for shoes that are marked size 6.

After that, I decided to purchase domestically only, I settled on a pair from e-bay which the seller claimed were only worn once. Right... But that's another story.

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Janee Lookerse said...

AH! What a disaster! I'm so sorry. That must've totally stressed you out.

After that fiasco, you will certainly appreciate this: http://www.27bslash6.com/f4s.html

This guys whole MO is to post ridiculous conversations he has with people over the internet. Its pretty hilarious.


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