spools picture holder

In December I requested antique spools from my secret Santa for Christmas. I was lucky enough to get three of them. This past weekend I found one at the Goodwill (btw, I've been enjoying going to the goodwill you never know what you'll find). I wasn't sure what I wanted them for. But a few weeks ago I came across this blog and thought that was a neat idea. So much so that I knew I had to make my own. I didn't add any more to the spools because I like the original look. I also found pin holders also at the goodwill. They came attached. I took them apart and bent the ends to make them stay in place. I added post cards I've had of Dali and an image of my parents from a long time ago. The spools sit on top of our bedroom dresser.

Looking good.
more images found on flickr


Hudson Goods said...

That is great!

jesslope said...

Thanks and thanks for stopping by.

marubadu said...

Thanks for the comment on Readymade. I like this idea. I have about 40 more spools lying around and I may make some of these out of them.

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