new month

Health, Family and Career they all take up a lot of time and effort. But with out any of these things I don't think my life could be fullied.

The photo was taken new year eve on a boat ride we did together. Our friends weren't able to join us as planned because of a big storm up north. We sold our extra tickets to a couple we found on craigslist. We didn't realize that we had to sit with them during dinner. I do remember the guy being amazed with the fact that Mike is 6'5 and I'm almost 5'1. He kept talking about it to the point of annoyance. At one point we were asked if we danced. Mike being Mike, he jokingly told them that because of our height difference we never danced. They seemed to be satisfied with that answer and didn't catch the humor.

Cheers to the new month ahead.

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