proper preparation prevents poor performance

We're going to a wedding in jersey and making a stop in nyc. super duper excited about the nyc part. We are leaving this thursday. Since we booked the hotel we've been talking about places we wanted to go and see. I knew this monday we would talk it over. However, when mike got home that evening he showed me  our itinerary. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. As you can see the man broke it down and even had post-it notes. Nothing wrong with that. I know the man I married. However, I had my list as well but just in one small scribbled post-it note. I know from traveling with him that proper preparation prevents poor performance and honestly it does maximizes our time in whatever city we are visiting. I just think it's funny. If things were left up to me we would walk aimlessly around the big apple and I would have to stop and assure him that the universe would provide whatever path we were meant to cross. Does anyone else travel this way?
(side note: he does not have "type A" tendencies, he assures me each time I point it out). 

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