random in new york

Yup, rat trap

I love the city that never sleeps. Even if Mike and I were back at the hotel room by 12am. We walked, walked and walked around.  I was able to take a couple of pics while it wasn't raining. I realized there are a few things that I find to be random. To me they stuck out like a sore thumb even in New York.

Umm... in case you missed it in grade school. Please remember to look both ways. 

 Bumper Bully? This is understandable until I noticed the front of the cars don't have them. The back is protected but not the front. Awesome!  

A sushi boat on the ground... weird and where's the sushi?

How does something like this happen any way?

Burger king has computers and internet. 

Pubic restroom with a window view of a wall. 

Thanks NYC, we had a blast. Even if Irene came following us from Florida.  

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