books on my mind

Craft Inc.: This book has been out for a while. (now there is even a revised copy) Either way it was insightful and money well spent considering I am new to this craft/business world. I do think it's more for beginners. I may be referencing it time to time. As far as the revised copy I may pick it up at the library at some point. I wish there were more books like this. I haven't find anything yet. Any suggestions?

The Great Christmas Cookie Swap: I've had this book in my bookshelf for a while, I've made chocolate crinkles and other yummy cookies.  What I've really been wanting to do is to host a cookie swap. So this year I'm doing it. This is the book that gave me that extra push I needed. I already sent out the emails inviting about 11 ladies to join the fun. I'm excited to see how everyone will package their cookies. I'll also be giving out prizes for the most creative cookie, most creative packaging and best liked tasting cookie. Great way to start the holidays.

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