square up

Now I'm really in business. I can except visa, mastercard, amex and discover, with square up. It's perfect for the upcoming fairs. I can slide the credit card, the customers sign on the screen and that's all folks. Square up does take a small fee but it works better than not selling because I don't take credit cards and it's cuter than paypal. Besides now I feel like a little business lady.

As seen from the picture, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving around here.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Square the best? It made my "100 things I learned this year" list. Well, a lot of things made that list. I love it for tattoo conventions, too. It made a big difference in sales. :-p Thanks for the Twitter follow!

jesslope said...

It helps for sure. I like that list you have going on. Makes me wonder. Likewise on the twitter. Looking forward to checking out your Make and Take recycled ornament projects at Art Sunny Side Up.

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