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avery business cards
business cards

I'm gearing up for Odd Duck Bazaar fair, which is next weekend. This will be my first fair of 2012. I've come a long way from my first fair.  I now have an idea of what works and what doesn't. This fair, just like my first fair, is outside and I'll be bringing my own tent. So I'll have a lot more room to fill my space (and therefore a lot more product to make).
I wanted to do something special for the people that stop by or buy something from me. And I needed new business cards. So I  decided to give 15% off my online shop on their entire purchase. On the back side of my business cards I printed a coupon code. I made the cards with my home printer and used white avery business card sheets. On the front side I used my custom stamp because I love simplicity. I figure people can come to my blog and use the links to my shop, twitter and so on, instead of having all that information on the business card itself. I also kept in mind that these fairs are about handmade (and vintage) products. I thought it would only be right to somewhat handmake my business cards instead of sending a design off to a printer. 

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