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Last Saturday a group of five of us decided to rent a boat for the day. I haven't been on a boat since our wedding day. It was super relaxing. The weather was perfect, although a little too cool for a swim. We didn't end up swimming, which is fine by me. I took a few naps, drank a few beers and enjoyed the day.

I've been working on my domino necklaces a new product for my shop. I make them with vintage wooden dominoes. They are black, warn and used which gives them a rough but cute look. The numbering on the opposite side is very detailed and unique. I'll be adding a lot more to the shop during the week. I've noticed that at crafty fairs people really appreciate upcycled products. And of course I enjoy making them. The ideas are endless.

Of course I had to include a photo of our Easter eggs. We dyed a few dozen eggs last Sunday with family. We usually dye them at home but this year we wanted to share it with my little cousins. 

Oh! In case you're wondering, yes i'm back on instragram (find me: jesslope). I've had an android phone for over a year and Instragam was the only app I missed from my iphone. 

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