I've felt like an elf at times during this week. I rush home after the 9-5 to design new layouts, setup the screen for the yudu, start production, email photos of my products and/or pay for upcoming fairs. I keep telling myself this will all calm down once "whatever fair is coming up" is over. But that hasn't been the case lately. I've grown so passionate about this hobby/small business. I didn't account for how much time it would consume and how it would affect other aspects of my life. I'm in need of balance. 

The photos above are  new designs. My mother-in-law gave me the idea for the towels. Other new items include the muslin bags I've been producing this week. It won't be until next week that I add these new items to the shop. I'll be showcasing both at my very first three day fair this weekend. Click here for more information about where I'll be this weekend.

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