still learning

This is what my booth looked like on Saturday at the Odd Duck crafty fair. The event was great; there were lot's of different, unique vendors and a good amount of traffic. There was even a food truck. I did fairly well.
However, I over-looked something very important that morning. I forgot my table. As we parked the car and got ready to unload, Mike looked at me and said "You forgot the table". My anxiety level was at a all time high. I rushed to talk to the promoter with my tail between my legs, crossing my fingers I wouldn't be judged, hoping there was an extra table some where. No luck and there was less than an hour before the event started. Lucky, I was able to make a call to friends that came to the rescue 5 mins before the event. I had the table I needed. And the show went on.

I learned that a list is a must for me at this point. There is just no way to remember everything. This way the start of a fair doesn't have to be so rocky. I'm not 100% sure I'm happy with the setup of my booth. There was a man that came by and told me that my booth was very different from what he has seen. I asked him if that was a good thing or a bad thing and he simply said he wasn't sure. I know that my tent is different from every other vendor.  I'm a minimalism. And that is very clear. But I kinda of like that too. This was my second fair with a booth so I'm still learning. It's life in progress. 


Jaz said...

Less is more I always say. I like it. It's not cluttered and you can clearly see everything with out having to dig through stuff.

jesslope said...

Thanks. I like to keep it clear of cluttered because that how I like to shop. However, I did notice that the tents that had a lot of stuff had their space full of people. So who know. :)

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