out on the town

Last weekend we attended a black tie wedding, which gave Mike and I a chance to play dress-up. I rented my dress from the site Rent The Runway that my sister-in-law suggested to me a while back. I didn't want to buy a dress that would end up renting space in my closet. However, I was nervous to order a dress online as I wouldn’t have a chance to try it on. I usually have trouble finding items that fit me “off the rack”.

Rent The Runway’s site includes reviews from previous renters, which was very helpful for me. I picked a dress color that normally isn't my first choice but in the end I was happy to step out of my comfort zone.

One slight problem: the dress ended being an inch or two too long (even with my four inch heels). After a quick trip to the store for some double-sided tape I was able to fix the problem.

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CZ said...

aw, y'all look great!!!! miss you, dear.

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