gearing up

Where has the summer gone? Around here, I've been gearing up for the Big Bang Bazaar, my first out-of-town fair. It happens this Saturday, for one day only. There is a little more pressure than usually because the cost is higher (driving to the fair, paying for the hotel and the booth space).

Regardless of the extra pressure, I'm extremely excited. I've prepared and planned as much as possible. At this point I just have to let things play out. I'm hopeful that it will be a successful fair and people will like my items and want to make a home for them. I've taken most of the summer off to regroup from my "fair adventures". Slowly but surely I've been getting things done. The photos above show a few of the things I've been keeping myself busy with. Here are descriptions of the photos, from left to right:
Business cards:  I added more color to the look of my business cards. The last ones were good but I wanted more “pop”. I still stamp the back of them with my life in progress stamp.
Tags: I used an old typewriter I found at a thrift shop to write the name of the items with the prices. I also stamped them with a stamp I found at a craft store. I used manila tags that I got at a local art store.
Cotton Muslin Drawstring bags: I used the same screen print that I use for the Canvas Tote - Life Is Sweet bags. I love these bags because they become useful when traveling. I've also made some Lady Bags.
Notepads: These little tiny notepads are new, I screen printed them with the word “WRITE” and stamped them. It's really a reminder for me to remember to write more blog posts. I'm also willing to do custom orders for anyone who is interested.
Pouch's with Zippers and Vintage Wood Pepsi Crate: This is the first time my pouches with zippers will be available at a fair. I needed a place to store/ place them and I found this great shop on etsy and purchased the vintage wood pepsi crate.
Paypal: I've made the switch to Paypal from Squareup. I know I said this. But I like the fact that my money sits in one place, Paypal. My shops are linked with Paypal and it only makes sense to keep the money all in one place.
My bags are packed and the car is loaded. I'm ready for this great event opportunity. Unfortunately, my Esty shop will be closed this weekend. However, it will be back on Monday.
Have a great weekend!

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